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Hello i assume you are here because you want more than just a miserable human existence, You want Power, Meaning, and happiness? Well becoming a werewolf can help. I am a real werewolf turned by witchcraft and with my help you to can become a werewolf at home easily safe and fast. Go to werewolf page for the list of ingredients you will need.  i Have them i get them from a local witch shop that carries many herbs and plants of magical properties. I've never seen them anywhere else you can try and get them yourself (Good luck) but i doubt you will find more than 2 or 3 of these rare ingredients some are illegal in most states

(due to them being used to make drugs such as morphine, heroine.. etc..) Yes there is a small fee . Can now ship Worldwide! 

How to buy: Paypal, Money order, Green Dot, Cash are fine. Go to webstore for more information. 

Email me if you have any questions on what you'll be needing. The flower and belt is usually enough.

You will get one of each ingredient listed on the Werewolf Page 

Also i will email you very detailed instructions of how to apply these to your skin and when and where to do it, It will work if done correctly.


Update 11/18/11)

 Hello, I am sorry for being inactive for quite some time, I have been away on business to Tennessee. I had a great number of people there demanding the products i set shop up there and sold so much stuff it was unbelievable! I had hundreds of people a day looking. I Don't plan on anymore trips anytime soon so i will be on the site now and will be shipping out all orders placed from11/1/11-11/17/11. And i noticed someone under comments asking for my email i am sorry i forgot to post it here. It is werewolfman666@live.com  Send anytime.


UPDATE 12/8/11  A big update under werewolf section! A lot of people have been asking me how to cast this spell and everything you need to know is in full detail under the Werewolves Section  If you need any help or don't quite understand email me at werewolfman666@live.com


UPDATE 1/30/12  I have opened up a new section "Trades" go to see the weekly specials, Instead of using cash you can trade for the ingredients, And several other exclusive items.


UPDATE 5/5/12 Just thought i'd let everyone know the site is still active and monitored daily, And also i have very exciting news... The Lycanthropous Flower is now available!!! It had recently become available at the local shop in 100 packs of seeds. Order now to start growing today, The easiest way to become a werewolf without the ritual, Just simply eat the flower on a full moon night and your dreams will become a reality.


UPDATE 11/17/12 Re-opened paypal payments. Added a FAQ. And i have re-stocked the webstore with tons of more items, So if you saw sold out before, You can now order!

UPDATE 8/16/13 I have purchased a professional package on webs, expect more items on the webstore and lots of updates to the site, A complete overhaul. New items will be listed in  the webstore very soon. EDIT: Added silver bullets and Lunar Ring

 UPDATE: 2/15/14 The web store had been down for several months, i apologize. this is just to tell you it is up and working again, so you are able to make purchases through there. Still accepting trades, shoot me an email.

UPDATE 8/25/14 Paypal has a new terms and conditions that no longer allows sites on webs.com to accept payments through paypal. So, unfortunately. If you are interested in a product send me an email of what you want and i will send you an invoice through paypal to complete the order. Thanks


UPDATE 6/20/15  So, I have been neglecting this site for a little while due to personal issues. However, I will be monitoring this site much more. I am looking to see if PayPal has changed any of their polices and would like to get the store back up again. I will be offering specials on the products very soon and I have a VERY large stock. You may have emailed me and I did not respond. Forgive me, I was unable to access my email for a few months. I ask that you please re-send any mail If i am unable to locate your original message and respond. I have been getting a lot of the same messages lately, PLEASE check the FAQ before emailing me your questions to see if it is necessary!  On a side note, I will be updating the trades section, I will be trading for many things!